Giving Alex What He Wants – PT. 01

*All characters in this story are fictional and over 18

Hi! My name is James, and I’ve had a fascination with socks and feet for as long as I can remember. Something about the curves of a well-cared-for foot, and the fact that they are frequently deemed dirty, has always piqued my interest. I also liked how socks smooth out the profile of a foot, and soak up the sweat and scent of a person.

Apart than giving girlfriends the occasional foot rub and sneaking peeks at their socks and feet at every chance, I never had much opportunity to indulge in my interest. I eventually came to appreciate the curves of my own feet, as well as the how my socks smelled after a long workout or soccer game. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I got a true chance to explore my kinks, and it wasn’t at the hands of a beautiful woman, as I had always expected, but at the hands of a man on my soccer team named Alex.

Alex and I were teammates on a recreational soccer team. He had short black hair and light brown complexion, and he was in his mid-twenties. We’d been on the same squad for a few seasons and, while we were friends, we weren’t particularly close. But I was always glad to have him back on the squad since I knew a little something about him:

He was obsessed with my feet.

I thought I was imagining things at first, but every time I went to change into my game socks, he was just there. Stretching after the game? Alex was stretching across from me, staring at my soles for much too long. When I was talking to some other teammates after a game, I saw him go into my bag and pull out one of my soiled knee length blue soccer socks when he thought no one was watching, and slide it into his own bag. I was about to approach him when I was halted by a whirlwind of ideas and a sudden hardening in my crotch.

Was he going to put my sock on? Or put it over his nose as he jacked off? Perhaps he would even cum in it when he got home…

I wasn’t particularly attracted to men, but the idea of Alex grabbing my socks and feet made me so aroused that I had to excuse myself from my friends, take my bag, and go home straight away. I put on my one remaining blue soccer sock, still warm and moist from today’s game and smelling of sweat, as soon as I got inside my apartment, and masturbated over my sock-clad foot, hoping Alex was doing the same. It didn’t take long for me to cum harder than ever before, and as I felt the warm, sticky cum soaking through my sock and onto my foot, I had an epiphany. I was in an unique position to provide Alex EXACTLY what he wanted. As someone who has fantasized about feet and socks for years, I knew I could help Alex live out every nuance of his fantasies, and I set about devising a strategy to achieve just that…

After our next soccer game, I congratulated my teammates on a good game and headed over to the sidelines to stretch. Wouldn’t you know it, Alex dropped down right across from me!

“What a game! I can’t believe how hot it is out here today, I’m totally soaked!”, I said as I finished stretching my arms and kicked off my cleats before stretching my legs.

“Y-yeah, no doubt…it’s a hot one”, Alex answered haltingly, visibly distracted by the flexing of my feet and the clenching and unclenching of my toes in my socks as I prepared to extend my legs.

“Hey Alex, maybe you can help me? My hamstrings are killing me today and I can’t get a good enough stretch on my own”

“Sure, hold on a sec!”

Alex tried, and failed, not to seem too eager as he approached me and picked up my right leg on his shoulder. My sweaty knee-high red soccer socks must have smelt quite strongly, but Alex didn’t seem to care. I groaned with satisfaction as we stretched one leg, then the other.

“Thanks man that’s so much better! My feet are killing me, could you give them a quick massage if it wouldn’t be too weird?”

“James I thought you would never ask”, Alex said with a knowing grin. He wasn’t attempting to play coy any longer, and he knew I knew what he was up to.

“It looks like the next teams are getting ready to play though so we should probably get off the field. Want to meet back at my car?”, I said, returning Alex’s smile.

We got into the back seat of my car, and I handed Alex one socked foot, which he grabbed with both hands and a greedy look in his eyes. His strong fingers worked the tension out of my foot in a matter of seconds, his thumb stroking in circles on my sole and caused me to gasp with unexpected pleasure.

He continued to work his way up and down my sole, carefully pulling each of my toes to the top and squeezing and kneading my heel to the bottom. I handed up my other foot, and he eagerly changed his attention.

“I hope they don’t smell too bad, I was sweating so much out there.”

Alex responded with a smile and leaned in close to the foot he was massaging, evidently not bothered. “I think they smell amazing actually.”

“Oh yeah? maybe you just aren’t close enough” I laughed and pressed my sock up on his nose.

Alex didn’t say anything but close his eyes and take a long breath, moaning slightly in ecstasy. I put my other foot to the growing bulge in his shorts, tracing its outline with my socked toes.

“So how long have you been imagining this moment?”  I inquired, continuing rubbing his cock through his shorts while he kept my foot to his face.

“Too long!” he exclaimed, his breaths becoming shorter and quicker.

I swiftly lowered my feet to the middle seat between us. “Take it out”.

Alex promptly complied, removing his shorts and underwear to reveal his rock hard cock, which had many drops of pre-cum spilling from the tip. I tapped one of the drops with my socked big toe and carefully drew it away from his cock, forcing it to extend in the area between. He exclaimed with delight as I braced his cock with one foot and ran the other up and down the bottom of it, the sweaty cotton material gliding easily on his flesh.

Alex’s breathing came in gasps now as I stroked his cock soth my socked foot, pausing sometimes to rub his swollen balls with my toes.

“I want to hear what you did with the sock you stole out of my bag,” I murmured lustfully, my own underwear soaked with precum from my hard cock. I stopped moving my feet and squeezed his cock between them, forcing him to gasp and softly buck his hips. “Tell me, and I’ll put you on them right away.”

“I put it over my cock and came it it over and over, I couldn’t help it!” he said, still trying to get some friction between my feet.

“I was hoping you would say that,” I said with a smile, resuming my stroking of his cock between my feet. He moaned loudly as his balls contracted and his cock began to pulsate between my feet, spilling his white cum all over my red socks. I continued to rub him as his cum soaked into my socks, feeling wet and warm on my feet. Alex was absolutely spent by this point, and I was as turned on as I had ever been in my life, so I did exactly what I had dreamed about a woman doing for me: I brought my left foot to my face and began licking the cum off of it while Alex watched.

This was my first taste of cum, and the somewhat salty flavor wasn’t bad at all. As Alex panted, watching and trying to catch his breath, I greedily licked up all of the cum that hadn’t yet soaked into my socks.

“That waz amazing! Maybe there’s something I can do for you now?” Alex said while pointing out the obvious erection in my shorts.

To be continued…

Originally published on literotica.

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