The School Boy

The School Boy

I’ve always been the gay guy at school who hangs out with the girls and is overly obsessed with A singer. Everyone suspected it, but only a few were aware. Having said that, I was no stranger to being teased about it. “Faggot,” I’d hear it all. “Battyman,” “Gay Boy.” It was all too normal for an 18-year-old finishing his final year of secondary school. This was something I accepted and didn’t let stop me from being myself. I was everything you’d expect: teased by the guys at school and terrible at sports. In fact, they are the worst at sports.

However, there was this guy who would tease me about it in the most endearing way possible, calling my name and blowing a kiss or biting his lip. When I really did, all I could think was, ‘I don’t like guys, leave me alone.’ He had always teased me in the future, but he was doing it more and more this year. At school, Roland was a member of the ‘cool but not cool cool’ squad. His friends knew the cool kids, but his group had their own parties and a different lifestyle than the cool kids.

He was in my Math, French, and Science classes. I sat behind him in all classes except Mathematics, where I sat next to him. I’d always look forward to those classes where I sat behind him, daydreaming about running my hands through his hair and onto his thighs, turning myself on to pass the time.

He was white, tall, and well-built, with dirty blonde hair faded in the back. He had big hands, strong arms, and was well built; he wasn’t the skinniest, but he did have some muscle. Best of all, he was dressed in “Kickers,” possibly the hottest shoe in our very strict uniform. Throughout the day, I noticed him fiddling with his shoes. You could see what socks he was wearing – figuring out what fetishes you had was the one goal you needed to achieve as a guy at that age, and I guess I came to the conclusion that I really liked legs, feet, and socks.

He’d always been a bit ‘sleazy,’ he didn’t care how his uniform looked, he’d be constantly stretching and lying around his desk, to the point where his shirt would raise and you could see a bit of his back – sitting behind him was a dream come true. I simply desired to be closer to him. Maths was bittersweet – he’d do the same things, stretching and lying around his desk, but it was a shame I couldn’t look at him directly. 1. I didn’t want to make anything obvious about my sexuality, and 2. I didn’t want to be labeled as a creep in school for staring at the person next to me. You could tell he smoked because he’d be the one breathing loudly (which I usually dislike, but I’d constantly imagine him breathing in me) and that kept me going throughout the lesson – I’d let him do much more than just breathe.

Christmas was approaching, as was the end of the school year for the holiday break. We had one more math lesson together. He’d been quiet the last few days, and his teasing had lessened. I’d heard rumors about him for a few days and assumed they got to his head. He enjoyed being the center of attention in math, but this time he just sat and did his own thing. We had an exam that day, and sitting next to him was exciting enough before he rubbed his knee against mine. He did it for a second and then stopped. He did it again about 5 minutes later, and I moved my leg away from under the desk to avoid any false impressions about my sexuality. He shifted and went to work, then 10 minutes later he was back at it. I kept my thigh still this time to see if he would back away… he didn’t. We all left class after the exam ended.

During the break, a friend showed me a video of him stroking his cock and saying her name – I put two and two together and realized that video was the reason he had been so down. But I had to be surprised because I wanted to use it later. His cock was massive, and he was filming himself moaning and saying her name in his grey Calvin Klein underwear. Uncut and massive. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone who had been staring at him and his bulge in his grey pants. It knocked me down because my constant fantasizing about him had led me to believe that that leg touching scenario in the exam could turn out to be something bigger than that – but now I know he doesn’t care about me, he just cares about my friend.

I went to the restroom before my break ended. The toilets at our school were hidden; you had to walk down an alley to get to them, and it was the end of break, so it was quiet there. I entered, did my business in the urinal, and then went to wash my hands. I hear Roland approaching, and we sort of stand their silence before he turns around to face me.

‘Hey’ He murmurs.

“Uhh, Hey,” I dreadfully say.

“Question,” he asks, “Would it be weird if a guy and another guy got married?”

I can’t get over this, he’s always trying to get me to say the right things – just to confirm to him that I’m gay.

“Well, look at that-” I begin to respond.

The bell rings, and I gather my friends to go to the Hall for the final event on this year’s calendar: a Christmas performance.

The performance was painfully cringy, the band was a shambles, and the speakers were a disaster. I was sitting in the back of the hall because I was the last one in… Roland comes through the back of the hall about 20 minutes later and sits next to me, trying to hide from the teachers. He’s unusually shivery and appears to be sweating profusely. I turn to look at him, but he has his head down. I turn to face the audience and try to enjoy the performance.

After the performance, we all leave to catch up before saying our goodbyes and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. It’s cold outside, and it appears that it will either rain or snow. Everyone else is standing with their friends, but out of the corner of my eye, I see him standing alone or with one other person – strange because his group would normally go out after a day like this. When the bell rings, everyone starts to leave.

I saw him walking in front of me with his Nike bag on his back on the way home. I can catch up to him because I can walk quickly as a gay guy.

“To answer your question, yes, it’s perfectly fine if a guy and a guy want to marry,” I say.

He ignores me and continues walking as if he didn’t hear me. I come to a halt as he continues walking. I catch up and walk close to him again. I didn’t want to irritate him, so I asked quietly, “Is everything okay?”

He turns around while walking and says, “I’d prefer not to answer that question here.” “I’m sure you, of all people, are aware of what’s going on.”

“Well… Do you want to talk about it or not?” I ask.

“I do, but it’s just a lot right now,” he says.

“OK, fine.” I agree.

We talked as we walked until we arrived at our destination. I realized I’d be going to his house about halfway through the walk.

His house was a typical semi-detached house in the UK, with a garden in the front and gates all around. It wasn’t the largest or most perfectly sized.

He took a step in front of me, put the key, and opened the door. He took a step forward and tossed his bag to the ground. When I walked in, the first thing I noticed was his wooden staircase, which led up the left side of the house. The kitchen was on the bottom floor in front of me, and the living room was on the right. It was strangely quiet, almost as if he had been living alone for a few days or weeks. He went upstairs, and I followed, taking my bag with me. I followed him into his bedroom after hearing the door open. He walked in and turned on his PS4; the only sound filling the air was that of the PS4 Fan.

His room was disorganized; there was paper everywhere, socks were drying on the radiator, and his bed wasn’t made. His desk was in total mess, but it kept him going to school so I could get some eye candy throughout the day.

His TV was positioned at the foot of his bed, where he sat and grabbed his controller. I sat next to him in silence for about two or three minutes until GTA 5 loaded. He then paused the game and began telling me everything; why his room was a mess, why he’d recently been depressed. His parents had left, and all he could hear was them arguing about him and his sister, as well as the video.

“To be fair, I don’t know how you put up with me teasing you all the time, I’d actually get pissed if people were calling me a faggot and I wasn’t” he pauses for a second.

“No, but on a serious note, are you gay?” He claims.

“Well,” I begin, “I’ve never ‘come out’ to any guy before, and I despise calling myself gay, but I’m not sure where I stand with that.”

“So you’re not sure?” He claims.

“Not right now,” I say.

He hands me the controller, and I start plating for about ten minutes until he approaches me. Our thighs are touching. He’s on my left, and I can hear that breath that I’d missed over the holidays. He places his right hand on my left thigh, finger by finger, as if not to draw attention to it. I look up and down at his hand on my thigh. He’s looking at the screen. He runs his hand down my left leg. My heartbeat quickens and my mouth waters as his hand moves closer to my crotch and then back down to my knee. He reclines on the bed, shifting his weight backwards. When he lies down, his school shirt rises, revealing his belly button. I continue to play, attempting to ignore his body lying next to me. His legs are still bent over the bed, so he lifts them up and removes his right shoe with his left foot. He removes his left shoe with his right socks. I start to sweat as the going gets tough. I’m hoping he doesn’t notice. He stands up and walks to the front of his bed, where his pillows are. He grabs one and hurls it at my back.

“You don’t have to be so awkward about it,” he says.

“LOL awkward about what?” I say

“In terms of liking me, you like me.” He is adamant.

“No,” I say, laughing. “But you wish I did.”

“However, you do.” He gets down on his knees and approaches the end of the bed where I am. He approaches me, places his hand on my shoulder, and whispers, “You like me.” He kisses me on the cheek after I swallow my spit. He notices me covering my boner, looks at me, looks down, and then back up at me. I turn around and look at him as he smiles. He kisses me on the cheek again, this time close to my lip. I try to back out, but he grabs both cheeks of my face and kisses me on the lips. We’re both in the middle of the bed at this point, with him on his knees and me crossed legs. He towers over me in stature. He raises his head and kisses my brow again. I take a look down at this bulge. He grabs my right hand and places it on his crotch; he rubs my hand up and down his pants. I can feel his massive cock pulsing and my mouth starts to water. He leans in for another kiss on the lips. We’re kissing in his room right now, with my hands on his crotch. He zips up his pants and removes his belt. He bends my knees and lifts up my head in his crotch. Before whispering, “Isn’t this what you want?”

I smell his pants – a lovely mix of piss, sweat, and cum stains fills my nose. He pulls back, puts his hands in my mouth, swirls them until they’re spit-filled, and slaps me. He takes off my blazer and unbuttons his shirt, leaving us both topless. He pushes my mouth back onto his Calvin Kleins and places my hands on his luscious red nipples. He starts pulling down his underwear until his rock hard cock is exposed. He pulls down his pants and pulls me away from his dick before I can get a taste of it. He asks me to open my mouth as I look up at him. I do. He spits in and around my mouth and lips. He instructed me to keep it in my mouth, which I did. He then collapses and pulls me to his cock. His spit is about to fall out of my mouth, but not quite yet. He lets me onto his hard cock. My mouth is coated in a salty mixture of flavors, and before he knows it, his dick is covered in a mixture of my spit and his.

He reaches over and grabs my ass, pulls down my pants, and starts smacking my ass while I deep throat his cock. He starts moaning and telling me to go deeper than I am capable of. He takes off my clothes and pulls me out of his dick. He shoves his hand into my mouth and swirls it around, getting it wetter than ever. I gag on his hand, and he goes in deeper. He reaches out his hand, presses my mouth against his cock, and fingers my ass. I’m head over heels in love with his cock, but before I can finish, he reaches for my face, grabs it, and places it near his. He stares at me, spits on my face, and rubs it around. His saliva has now drenched my face. He tastes fantastic. We undress one another.

He pulls me closer until we’re both sitting on the headrest of his bed, wearing nothing but our socks. He puts his right thigh on top of mine, pulls my left hand to his cock, leans in, and we start making out again. His sock rubbing against my right thigh pushes me up against his knee. I start kissing his knees down to his black Nike socks. This was a dream come true for me as I reached for his socks and placed them in my mouth. I started removing his socks while licking his size 10 feet and had only gotten halfway down his foot when he pushed me all the way down. My posterior was now facing him. He fingers me for a few moments while I smell half his feet. He kneels behind me and places his massive cock on my ass. He grabs my mouth and pulls me up, licking my neck and biting me before shoving his cock up tight ass. He moans in my ear before licking me all over, his hand still in my mouth.

He starts fucking me hard until I start moaning so loudly that he has to stop. He was slow at first, but once he got going, he went slow again, slowly forcing his hard white wet cock into my tight virgin asshole. He pulls me from his dick, grabs my hand, and drags me off the bed. We go downstairs, and he grabs me and pulls me up to the couch.

We’re sitting on his couch in his living room. I’m naked, and the only thing he’s wearing is one sock with one half on and the other half off. At this rate, his cock is raging with cum, and he pulls me into it and forces me on his cock, all the while licking his lips and spitting on my face and hair, wiping it all over me. He pushes me over, turns me to face the floor, and fucks the living daylights out of my virgin ass. I can’t stop moaning, but because his living room faces the neighbors, he gags me to keep me quiet. As a result, he takes his fully worn sock and chokes me with it, which smells so good. I’m energized by the combination of his hand and the fabric. One of his other socks starts to slip off his foot; he pulls it back on and shoves me while continuing to fuck me.

Roland can’t help but get tired and sweaty from all that fucking as the sock slips off again. He leads me to the kitchen and sits on a chair; I climb on top of him and ride him while kissing his juicy white boy lips. He lifts me off of it and leads me back to his room. He throws me on the bed. Places me in bed. He inserts himself inside of me. He puts his hands in my mouth and lets out the hottest moan I’ve ever heard. His hot cock is throbbing and pulsing. He just came in, takes himself out, and throws me on the bottom of his bed. He starts eating my ass, eating every last inch of cum that seeps out of my ass until he’s had his fill. He pulls me to the left, under the sheets, wraps his legs around my front, and hands me the small spoon.

He enjoyed my tight ass, being in charge, and being inside of me. He pulls up alongside me and wraps his large arms around me. He spits on my neck and back while kissing it. After all that cum, his cock is still hard and wet. I can feel more cum drizzling down my ass, and he can too. He licks my ass with his right hand…

We head to bed.

The next morning, we awoke facing each other. We were still very horny and eager to go. We just didn’t know how it would work…

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