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Dad and Sons Sex Time – Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Dad and Sons Sex Time
  • Dad and Sons Sex Time – Part 1
Dad and Sons Sex Time

We must have imagined we had more time than we did. I could have spent all of my time kissing Billy, enjoying the slow, deep play of our tongues and the sensation of our lips slamming into each other. He was new to it but already really excellent at it, and it was one of my favorite things on the planet.


“Aw, Craigy,” he sighed, his huge blue eyes all misty and desperate, and I fell in love with him all over again.


I grinned at him, pecked his soft lips, and reached between us to brush my knuckles over the enormous firm bulge of his cock in his pants. He groaned and pressed it into my palm as we kissed again, Billy drawing my tongue back into his lips as I carefully opened the buttons on his trousers, a tiny grunt-whint coming from him at each one. Then I had both of my hands back inside his pants, caressing and squeezing over the lovely little tighty-whiteys he was still wearing, which looked fantastic on his hard-muscled adolescent figure. It’s almost as if he was born with them.


Billy’s jeans fell halfway down the powerful curve of his ass as he pressed up against me and kissed me more passionately. I was already down to my underwear, my boxer briefs tented tightly with my larger, older cock, a wet patch forming in the cloth stretched over the tip.


We both stopped in dread as the floorboards creaked behind the sofa and Dad cleared his throat, then cautiously peeked over the back of the sofa at him. He was standing in the dining room archway, a bottle of beer dangling from his fingers, staring at us with that enigmatic expression of his. Dad was a quiet man; he wasn’t hostile or indifferent; he was simply not a big talker. Reading might be difficult at times. Especially now, as he watches his two teenage boys make love on the couch in front of him.


My heart was in my throat, and I could only picture Billy’s terror as I felt his once screaming hardon fade, just as mine was. What might we say to explain this? I mean, it was precisely what it appeared to be. He’d been there how long? And how had he gotten inside without us noticing till now? Then I recalled him oiling the creaky hinges on the back door the day before, after Mom had complained about it for a week, and now he was here. Home early from the traditional end-of-summer celebration with the neighbors.


He strode around the sofa, large and heavy-footed in his boots, swigging his drink, his eyes never leaving ours as we gazed at him, horrified and frozen in place. Then he groaned and sank into his favorite old, well-worn leather recliner across from us.


“Your Mom sent me home to check on you boys,” he remarked slowly, like if he’d had a few. “I guess it is a good thing it was me and not her, right?”


We couldn’t even nod. When pushed, Dad could lose his cool – not that he ever yelled at us, but I’d learned to cuss from seeing him vent his rage on the old Ford vehicle that had been broken in the barn for as long as I could remember. That “god damn motherfuckin’ whoremaster piece of crap,” as he typically referred to it, he slammed fiercely onto the beat-up bed of it with a tremendous clang.


He was a huge guy with a slow-burning fury, to be sure. Big ol’ country lad with a heavy, robust build from years of labor. Women continued to turn their heads to watch him stroll past. He had a wicked sense of humour and a seldom seen smile that transformed his attractive, rugged face. We adored him, but we were terrified of him now, especially his piercing, inscrutable look on us.


“I ain’t mad. I suspected it,” he replied now, his voice low and calm.


Billy had pulled up next me, still half-out of his trousers, and was resting on his heels on the opposite end of the couch. I’d snatched a pillow to protect my groin. We glanced at one other, terrified and perplexed by what he had said. He was aware? We hadn’t been doing this for very long. We felt we were being prudent.


“Y’all think you’re the first brothers to ever mess around?” he said, taking another swig from his bottle. He swallowed, then bent the corners of his mouth into a little smile. “Shit… I got three brothers. All a year apart. Grew up on a farm. I know how it is… you get bored… you get horny… you get to lookin’ at each other that way… things happen.”


This was maybe the most words we’d ever heard Dad say all at once.


“I told you, boys – I ain’t mad,” he said. “Go on… do what y’all do.”


Billy reached out gingerly, stroked my bare knee, and I felt the tingling in my groin despite the strange mood. I had a huge crush on my cute younger brother, and I knew he felt the same way about me. I was his first love in almost everything, and he adored whatever we were doing. Almost as much as I did. When he looked across at Dad, the large guy merely nodded slowly and sipped his drink. So I moved the cushion away from my lap, reached up for Billy’s toned arms, and drew him closer to me once again.


We exchanged apprehensive glances, Billy chewing his lip, and he was so fucking cute just then. So I took a big breath, cuddled up, and kissed his soft lips. When I drew back, he got that blush in his cheeks and that languid, dreamy smile of his, and then he leaned in and kissed me. Just pecks on the lips, like when we first started doing this a few months ago, at the start of summer. They were traded back and forth, lingering a bit longer. With a sidelong glance at Dad, he moved in and kissed me harder, slipping me his delicious, curious pink tongue. I opened up to receive it, feeling his cock rise and mine follow suit, when I heard a low, deep noise, almost a moan, from Dad in his recliner.


The youngster had beautiful lips and a lovely tongue, and the more he leaned towards me and fed me, the easier it was to forget our enormous Dad was watching us. When I put my hands back into his gaping-open trousers to cup my little bro’s great jock kid ass, he groaned into my mouth again, and Dad half-growled with him. I noticed him unbuttoning his shirt slowly, his drink dangling from his other hand, while he watched us.


Dad looked incredible, as he usually did, especially now, with the lamp behind his chair illuminating the thick fur on his massive pecs and sliding down the powerful bulge of his stomach, all that firm farmboy muscle layered with the meaty padding of a man approaching 40. Not a gym bunny, simply a hardworking man with a natural muscled body, gently lifting his shirt to show it off, reaching in to massage one huge palm over his pec while he sipped his beer and watched his kids go deep on one other again.


Billy wriggled out of his trousers, all stretched with his large adolescent cock, and slid up the length of my body as I wrapped my arms and my own powerful thighs around him and drew him in close. Except for the delicate smack of our lips, our whispered groans, and Dad’s manly approval noises, the room was silent. Then he heard his belt unbuckle, a button pop, and the zip on his jeans open. I had another glimpse of him, his massive, hard cock tenting his boxer briefs up from the open V of his pants. He saw my gaze, gave me his modest, direct, but strangely intense smile, and palmed his own bulge.


Maybe the only person I’d jerked off more than Billy was my father. Dad, without a doubt. And, yes, it was strange to be making out with my hot little bro while our father was watching us. Strange… yet sexy as heck. I believe every guy wants to prove his Dad that they can do things like a man, and I really wanted to show Dad that I was excellent at this. As I pushed his briefs down his gorgeous young ass, I sunk my hands into Billy’s little underwear, gripped the twisting, grinding muscles of his ass, and kissed my way down his throat, following that sensitive trail on the side of his neck that I’d lately found.


“Your brother a good kisser, Billy?” I heard Dad ask.


Billy half-moaned, “Y-yeah, Dad, he is.” I could feel him flushing all over, his skin heated beneath my lips, tongue, and hands, but I kept working my way down to his large pink nip, sucking on it and making him groan harder, his voice catching as he did. He was sounding like the man he was quickly becoming.


I heard Dad’s boots hitting the floor, followed by the sound of his jeans joining them. As I stroked Billy’s firm nip over, I noticed Dad standing up, large and boned in his boxers, his checkered shirt open, revealing his hairy, manly force as he walked closer to us. The jitters returned, particularly as I felt Dad’s huge, rough, powerful palm cup the back of my head.


“He treat you good, little buddy?” Billy was asked by Dad. “He ever push you? Make you do anything you didn’t want to?”


“No, sir,” Billy exclaimed. “I wanted it. Wanted him. I asked him first. He didn’t want to… but I kept askin’…”


“That true, Craig?” he said, and I rose from Billy’s tit to nod. He nodded back, his little smile broadening as he went on his knees beside us.


Dad threw his drink on the floor and ran one large palm down Billy’s back, and the boy quivered and whimpered and mashed into me, his cock pulsing to keep time with the band. Exactly like mine. I looked up and saw them lock eyes before Dad moved in and kissed Billy on the lips. When I watched Dad’s large, glistening tongue sneak up against Billy’s lips, then between them, I swear my little bro almost came in his undies, all over me.


“Ah jeez, that’s hot,” I groaned, as Dad broke from their kiss and peered down at me, staring deep into my eyes, as if he was measuring me. Then he bent down to me, his breath warm and beery, and my lips parted as they met his, as he gently fed me that thick, warm, wet tongue of his, his large fingers delving into the back of my head hair as he lay a serious man-kiss on me. Now it was my time to feel like I was about to puke, with all of my fantasies coming true at once.


“Always wished my Dad woulda come played with me and my brothers,” Dad murmured, before placing his large arm around Billy’s neck and kissing him again. “You guys ever think about that? About me?”


“Yeah Dad,” Billy panted before I could respond, so I simply nodded. “Craigy talks about you all the time. Thought it was just me. We both been thinkin’ about you, Daddy.”


“Big-time, Dad,” I said, reaching out gingerly to touch his large, hairy chest. When I grumbled, he looked down to see my fingers burrow into the thick, soft fur.


“Come on, boys,” he murmured, gently getting up, his enormous cock in front of us, straining the button-fly of his boxer shorts. “You really want this, let’s get after it. Somewhere more private, though.”


We followed his massive, muscled ass down the hall to the bedrooms. Billy and I looked at each other in bewilderment, our cocks pointing the way, as if we were divining rods. He came to a halt in front of my bedroom door, grinned at us, and waved us in with his head. We shuffled in, and I turned on the bedroom lamp as Dad closed the door behind us. He stood there, large and looming over us, his eyes raking up and down our near-naked bodies, the enormous tents in our underwear, our frightened expressions. Then he slipped his shirt off and stretched his broad arms, his slow, warm smile spreading across his face. He looked fantastic.


“C’mon, men,” he said. “Always wondered about y’all. Let’s find out, huh?”


When we got within arm’s reach, he grabbed our shoulders and grunted us into his large, hairy chest, and all of a sudden I knew what Billy and I had been missing all summer, we’d been so caught up in each other. Dad kissed each of us back and forth as we groaned and rubbed up against him and felt him up. Billy was the first to go for that gigantic bulge of his, to grab him through the cotton of his shorts and make him groan lustfully into my lips before turning to assault Billy’s. I ran my palm down his back, past the hairy patch just above his ass, and down to feel the thick, steely power of his glutes, moaning in astonishment and passion as he flexed them for me.


Dad’s huge, quick fingers yanked on our underwear, and my brother and I wriggled our hips and assisted him in stripping us bare before attacking his boxers with overeager hands.


“Hey now, easy fellas,” he said with a smile. “Don’t want to explain shredded boxers to your Mom.”


He stepped out of them a few seconds later, and there he was, in all his enormous, thick, strong splendor. Big thighs that look like tree trunks. Large, round, muscled ass. A strong, somewhat rounded belly. Pecs are meaty. It was all coated in a thick layer of luscious brown hair.


Then there was the cock. Like the rest of his physique, it was large, thick, and firm. Uncut as well. It had to be seven inches long, and Billy and I went to our knees side by side, looking in astonishment.


“Jeez, Dad, you’re huge,” Billy said, wide-eyed, and Dad merely grinned and ruffled his hair.


Of course, Billy and I had done some sucking, but as attractive as I thought my piece was, I wasn’t nearly as large as Dad. I, on the other hand, had a little more experience than Billy. When I grabbed hold of Dad’s enormous, pulsating erection, leaned in, and licked the plump, shining head of it, he almost seemed relieved.


It took everything I had simply to get the head and the first few inches into my mouth, and my jaw was swollen from my lack of expertise. I tried not to scratch him with my teeth, drooling down his shaft as I lapped and suckled on as much of him as I could and jacked the rest with my hand as I’d seen guys do in film. Billy was watching intently the entire time, darting in to nuzzle at Dad’s bull testicles while Dad patted both of our heads and pushed us on. I could see my little bro watching intently at me and the massive cock I was doing my best on, so after a few minutes, I gasped, my eyes watering, my jaw throbbing, and directed it his direction.


“Try him, little bro,” I advised. “He tastes so fuckin’ good, dude.”


“Hey, watch the language,” Dad said, cuffing the back of my head. “And Billy – watch the teeth, little buddy.”


Billy nodded, worshipfully staring up at him, then even more so at his cock, before opening wide and emulating me.


“You’re doin’ awesome, little bro,” I whispered as I rubbed his back, and when he got the hang of it, I stood up, feeling Dad’s strong arm wrap around me and draw me into another deep kiss. He roared and went even deeper, kissing me harder than Billy ever had, a true man’s kiss, and I was soon gushing against his hip, my cock blazing hard and caught between us as his hand reached behind me to grasp my ass.


“Y’all fucking yet, son?” I shook my head in response to his question.


“Soon, I hope,” I answered, blushing, and he chuckled.


“You cherry, buddy?” He added another pressure to my ass.


“N-not exactly,” I grumbled. “Carter Dean and I have had some fun. But nothing like… what you’ve got, Dad. Nothing that massive, huh…”


He leaned in and slid me his large, effortless tongue once again. Billy was making pleased grunts, sloppy suck sounds, and choking noises underneath us. He was usually passionate about everything, but he occasionally bit off more than he could chew. Dad leaned down, grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him back up into his hug alongside me.


“Seems like y’all got some more learnin’ to do, boys,” he muttered, and from Billy’s shocked groan, I knew Dad’s thick finger was gliding down the cleft of his ass to reach his tight, delicious little pucker, just like he was doing to mine with his other hand.


“I don’t want your Mom to catch us, like I caught you two,” he explained. “So tomorrow, us three are gonna ride out to the back 40. Take our time, and I’ll show you some things. Things my brothers taught me. That alright by you, men?”


We gladly nodded, widening his smile and pinching our asses for emphasis.


“Damn, you two remind me of your uncles,” he said, shaking his head. “Sit down. We got time for a little more, I reckon.”


He led us down to the edge of my bed and pushed in between us, his enormous, thick, hairy thighs rubbing up against our slimmer, more athletic thighs. He ran his hands up and down them, kissing us again in turn, and then me and Billy moaned together as he took a son cock in each enormous, powerful hand and began to massage us. He didn’t have to say anything; he simply kept kissing us, nuzzling our ears, and jacking our achingly hard teen cocks with his large, spit-slicked, hard-working man’s hands, as we looped our thighs over his and gave ourselves up to him.


The notion of us splayed out in Dad’s Ram’s bed, nude and doing everything, just as in my thoughts… The idea of putting my cock inside Billy’s snug, gorgeous youthful ass… I had my nuts boiling and ready to go.


“I’m gonna cum, Dad,” I groaned, and he jacked harder, corkscrewing my cock with a handful of saliva and the skill of a man who’d been dealing with himself – himself and others – for three decades.


“Oh shit, I’m really gonna cummmmm!” I shrieked, and suddenly I was exploding, pounding my hips into Dad’s fast-jacking fist, splattering shot after shot of my teen cum all over Dad’s fist, my stomach, and the thick, corded muscles of his hairy forearm.


“Yeah buddy, shoot that shit,” he grumbled. “You ready to cum for me, Billy boy?”


Billy could only croak out “Aw Daddy,” and then he was firing, not quite as much as me, but a damned magnificent load all the same, showering his heaving, flexing youthful abdomen and Dad’s other forearm.


The sight of Dad licking our come from his hands with a hungry moan piqued my cock’s attention once more, and when he handed us each the remainder of our loads off his fists, we leaned in and licked them clean, till his mitts glistened with our spit. We both craned up to kiss him, tongues struggling as we attempted and nearly succeeded in a three-way kiss. But as our hands crept to his enormous, angry-looking cock, the head glistening with cumin, he pulled them away softly but forcibly.


“Not tonight, boys,” he remarked, noticing our ravenous disappointment.


Billy wrinkled his nose at that, and we all laughed.


“But believe me… I’ll be thinking of y’all’s fine young asses when I shoot tonight, you can count on that. Give your Mom the lay of her life, thanks to you two.”


“Well, be ready for the lay of your life tomorrow, Dad,” I urged, and Billy nodded, beaming, rubbing his palm over Dad’s massive, furred-up chest. “And save some cum for your boys, you hear?”


“Yes, sir,” he joked, before kissing each of us on the cheek. We might have gone on like that for a long time, and maybe we could have persuaded him, but suddenly we heard tires rumbling over the old cattle grid down by the road, the sound of Mom’s TrailBlazer slowly making its way up the long gravel drive.


“Well, I better go make sure I’m clean enough,” Dad sighed. “Y’all two try not to stay up all night… and try not to be spent before tomorrow comes, alright?”


“Yes, sir,” we all agreed. We exchanged glances as we saw his enormous, bare ass go out my door, his boxers crumpled in his fingers. I thought we could both go a couple more rounds and still be OK for tomorrow…


“And y’all come and pick up your fuckin’ shorts from the living room, before she gets in!” Dad yelled down the hall.


We rushed to collect up our scattered garments from around the sofa, barely getting it back to my room before hearing her truck’s door close outside. Getting caught once had been a lot of fun, but we didn’t want to chance getting caught twice in one night.


To be continued…

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